How to Install Covenant on Kodi

The Covenant Kodi add-on has now become a quite popular add-on for Kodi users, a replacement of Exodus add-on, to provide the best watching experience.

Covenant is a kind of add-on that replaced the Elysium. In this article, we will provide you with a guide on how to install Covenant on Kodi.

Have you tried Kodi before? One of the most streaming applications that can do more with the help of the add-ons. These add-ons extend the functionality of Kodi, allowing you to enjoy more of your streaming activities.

So, what is Covenant add-on? Basically, Covenant is the newest Exodus if you have heard of it before. Exodus job is to let the Kodi users stream additional movies and TV shows while Covenant’s job is to play them in high definition (HD) quality.

If you want to try Covenant, this tutorial will be your guide.

Install Covenant on Kodi

Step 1. Launch Kodi on your device.

Step 2. Do to Kodi’s settings and select Systems settings.

Step 3. Then click Add ons and enable the Unknown Sources.

Step 4. Then, go back to settings and choose File Manager.

Step 5. Click Add Source and enter the path or URL to download Covenant.

Step 6. Then, enter your desired name for this source and hit the OK button.

Once you go back to File Manager, you can see the source you just added.

Step 7. Go back to Kodi’s homepage and scroll down on the menu.

Step 8. Find Add-ons and select Package icon on the upper left.

Step 9. Select Install from Repository.

Step 10. Then, click Kodil Repository.

Step 11. Click Video Add-ons.

Step 12. Select Covenant and click the Install button.

Step 13. Wait for the notification that you have successfully installed the Add-on.

To open the Covenant: Go to Kodi’s homepage, select Add-ons, then click Covenant.

In Conclusion

Those are the steps on how to install Covenant on Kodi. Let me know in the comment box below your thoughts about this tutorial. You can also leave me some questions or anything you want to be clear regarding this post.

How to Run Android Apps on PC Using Bluestacks

Do you wanna play mobile games on a wider screen, or run Android apps on your PC? Are you looking for an easy way to do it? If yes, then you just found the answer here. 

Bluestacks is considered as the most popular and the best Android emulator today. It can run almost all Android applications on your PC without changing the quality of the apps. This emulator is perfect for gamers who wanted to play HD games on wider screens. If you belong to those people who are looking for ways to play Android games on their PC, click the video below and find out how you can enjoy playing using Bluestacks.

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Now that you know how to play games and run Android apps on your PC, it’s time to download Bluestacks on your device and try what this emulator is capable of doing.


Bluestacks comes over 400MB in size. Before downloading, check first your PC’s memory if there is still enough storage. Also, you need to check your device specifications to run Bluestacks without any lag.

If you have questions, you can leave them below in the comment section. Globe Page Team will try to help you with whatever we can. Hope this post helped you in any way.

Download YouTube Videos On iPhone The Easy Way

Most iPhone users that want to download YouTube videos are having issues. They just could not find a way to download their favorite clips from the most popular video sharing platform. But here is good news for you if you are an iOS user. You have found the right site to download YouTube videos on iPhone. And through this article, you will learn that it is actually easy to grab any video from YouTube site.

Download Youtube videos on iPhone

Globe Page Editor’s Note: First read the article, if you don’t like this method then you can try popular free video downloader app showbox on your iphone for downloading free video and movies. You can download showbox for ipad from here. Now if you don’t like showbox then you can try other apps like showbox as well.

Showbox isn’t legal, Howevr Kodi a similar app is legal. You can download kodi from here.

The Google Rules

The giant search engine site, Google owns YouTube. Therefore, they have the right to implement whatever they want with the social media site. And since Google is one of the most respected sites in the face of the internet, they have to set an example for everybody. That includes preventing piracy.

Did you know that downloading any content from any website without the owner’s permission is called piracy or stealing? Yes, when you grab a video from YouTube that is not yours or the owner has no permission for you to do so, you are committing the act of stealing.

That is the main reason why Google does not allow downloading any video from the YouTube app or main site. But since there are a lot of gifted people out there that has the knowledge to bypass Google’s and YouTube’s security wall, it is still possible to download YouTube videos on iPhone.

Download YouTube videos on iPhone

Now, if you really want to download video or videos from YouTube, this article could help you. But please be reminded that you should use the video content that you download just for personal use. Do not in any way distribute the video you grabbed from YouTube and make a profit out of it. Do not do it especially that the owner does not know or did not give you any permission.

Here’s how:

  1. First is you should download a third party document and file viewer or manager. In this case, we recommend the Documents by Readdle.
  2. After you have installed the app from the App Store, head straight to Safari browser.
  3. Go to YouTube videos on iPhone
  4. Open another within the browser and open the YouTube website.
  5. Choose the video you want to download by tapping on the thumbnail.
  6. Once the video starts playing, look at the address bar at the top of the Safari browser. From there you will find a link to the video you are currently playing.
  7. Copy the link by long-pressing on it and tap “Copy” when the clipboard pop-ups.
  8. Go straight to the first tab you opened with the URL.
  9. Paste the link you copied from the YouTube website on the search bar of the site that says “paste here the URL” or something similar.
  10. Once you pasted the link, it will load for a couple of seconds depending on the speed of your internet.
  11. The choices for which format of video and size will show up. Choose your preferred size and format.
  12. Tap on it and the download will start. Make sure to download the video file on your camera roll and not in your video gallery.
  13. Once done with the download, open the Document app you recently installed and look for the video you downloaded.
  14. Open the file and play. Enjoy!

Some reminders…

Videos are much larger than your usual size of images. So please make watch out for the number of downloads especially with videos that you save. You might easily end up having a full memory in no time.

Another thing is that you should only use those videos for your personal use only. It is bad enough that we have taught you how to bypass Google’s restriction. So please use this method responsibly.

How To Find Your ASUS Router Login IP Address

If by any chance that you have changed your default ASUS router IP address, then do not be worried too much. There is a way to figure it again in case you really have no way of remembering it. Just follow the instructions below.

You may visit our site for more tech tutorials and hacks.

Find your ASUS router IP address on Windows OS

  1. On your Windows operating system, press the Windows button on your keyboard. It should be placed near the space bar area. Press Windows + R and the RUN prompt should open.
  2. Type CMD and press Enter. The Command prompt will appear.
  3. In the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter:

ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway”

  1. After you press the Enter key, it will show you the router’s gateway IP address. Typically it is or But since not all ASUS router has the same setup, it is advised that you do this step and follow it to find out your default gateway.

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Find your ASUS router IP address on Linux

  1. Open a terminal window similar to the Windows command prompt. Or you can just press CTRL + ALT + T and the terminal window should pop-up.
  2. Type this command and press Enter afterward:

IP route | grep default

  1. You may now see your ASUS router gateway IP address.

Find your ASUS router IP address on OSX

  1. If you are a Mac user then just follow this map: Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Or you can just press CMD + Space and then type Terminal.
  2. Type this command and press Enter Key afterward:

netstat -nr | grep default

  1. Your ASUS router IP address will now appear on your screen.

For more info and inquiries, you may just leave a comment below and tell us what you have in mind or what other topics you want us to discuss for the next article.

Tor and The Deep Web: Everything You Need To Know

When you want some privacy and some bit of protection with your activities your best go-to application is Tor. But Tor is not like most popular browsers. That is why not many people know about Tor and what it is really good for. There are still many things that we don’t know about Tor and the deep web. And for those who just venture into the dark side of the internet, it could be dangerous.

Tor and The Deep Web

If the thought of exploring the deep web ever come to your mind, do so with caution. In fact, you should first learn more about the deep web before heading straight to the grim part of the internet. And to give you a head start. Here are some facts that you should know about Tor and the deep web.

Tor and The Deep Web

Source: Internet

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