What Are The Features of Menterprise?


What is Menterprise? Well, it is a software which creates much word for you with a click. Read on to know more or read a menterprise review before trying.

Why Journey With Menterprise

You can choose the different type of templates you need. In my experience, Menterprise is best. The unique feature of this software is it also takes care of the spelling and makes the perfect article optimized. I find most people don’t have the patience to take care of their own spelling and grammar as well as the time to learn. With the help of the automatic software, the articles will have the right content and be properly written.

I have been looking for a tool to write and post articles on the internet and I was surprised to see that there are tools available for free. The free tools can be very handy to find information. You can easily find any information you need. However, they do not give you the professional writing that you want.

I wanted my articles to look professional on search engines. I need the professional way of writing on the internet where search engines are important.Articles need to be researched to see how to write them properly. You want your articles to be properly written, optimized and have the right keywords. Using the automated software, you can make sure your articles will be the top quality.

When you write articles, make sure you are always researching on the keywords. Keywords are what people usually search for when they are looking for the information you provide. The keywords can be found on forums and on other article directories. You can also check 501words for more detailed information on Menterprise.

Features of Menterprise

  • Easy to use: The user has to just log in and she is ready for crafting her best content. Menterprise is one of the best content generating software that takes less time and formalities to get started. So, chop, chop, and write!
  • Any keyword is good to go: It can create top-notch articles on any keyword you give it; it may be a new company name or an ancient book. You name it!
  • Image scraping: The software is smart enough to search and insert relevant photos and videos in the article. All you have to do is just a click.
  • Uniqueness: every article it generates is unique and specific. The plagiarism protection button works wonderfully.
  • SERP domain: If you want, you can make your content available only in a specific country. Menterprise has authorization in more than 100 countries.
  • Title tags and alt texts: The content it crafts could be more optimized with inserting title tags or image texts.
  • Embedded optimization options: Menterprise helps you create content that has been optimized in the best possible way. It inserts relevant videos and photos, alt texts, NAPs, Google maps, and so many built-in-optimization features.
  1. Real-time writing: It generates the content by only accumulating the best sources according to Google. The sources for its content are always the top five of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
  2. Spintax quality: The software creates content using natural language. The readability is higher than you can find anywhere else.
  3. Preferred length of the content: The length of the content could vary from a minimum of 400 words to a maximum of 2,000 words, as decided by the user.

How To Start Using

To start using the software, you need to sign up and create a free account which will give you a lot of different kind of tools to use. Some of these tools will include templates to choose from. There are also software to generate articles, article formats, titles, articles, headers and footers and many more.Once you start using Menterprise, you can start to see the different results that you can expect. and see a difference in how you can improve your work and get more readers.

If you have ever been frustrated with your articles and wanted to make a change, the automatic software can help you achieve your goals. You do not have to sit down and write or proofread them. These tools will do it all for you. You will be able to check your articles and see where you need to make changes.You can start publishing articles with good content. and a good name to your articles. You do not have to worry about your readers not finding the information you want to share with them.

You can start to write articles and make money and start to build your network of readers. This is easy and anyone can do this. The software can automate this for you and help you get started.

There are many people that can do this for you and have been using the software. They do not charge you for it. All you have to do is sign up and create your free account and you can start to use the software. There are no monthly fees, only one time payment.

If you want easy money in no time, this is the way to go. There are no costs.

Helpful In Marketing Business

When you start your network marketing business, you will find the software very helpful. You will find that your business will be in your control and you will not have to worry about writing or proofreading all of your articles or submitting them to different websites.

You will start to see your business growing. You will feel like you are an expert in your niche and you will feel like you are a part of something big. You will feel like your knowledge is being recognized and valued by everyone that is reading your articles.


Article marketing is an important part of internet marketing and is important to people who want to start their network marketing business. There are many ways to build your network marketing business and there are many ways to build your business on the internet.

How to Activate Fox News For Free on Your Smart Device

Activate Fox News

In my role as a blogger, I get asked quite frequently about how to activate Fox News on smart devices. It can be difficult to tell if the device you are using already has the Fox news channel pre-installed, so I’m here to help you out with a little tutorial on how to do it yourself. In this article I’ll go over the way to go about activating Fox News in your smart devices and then I will provide you with a link that you can use. Follow along below to learn how to put Fox News on your device.

Get It Started

If you are reading this, the odds are pretty good that you have already found some way to access Fox News on your mobile device or laptop. That means you probably know how to access Fox News in your home. All that you need to do is open the Fox news app and search for the channel on your particular device. The channel’s content varies by channel, but usually they include the latest breaking news, weather, sports, and news updates from around the world.

Now if you were to use that same method to do this with your smart device, you would probably be frustrated because most smart devices won’t actually have the Fox news channel. To solve this problem, you should first try and find a channel in which Fox News has its own app. Chances are you can find some kind of channel on your mobile phone that can provide you with the channel that you want to have on your smart device. Then you can go ahead and install the app on your device.

If you’re lucky enough, there will be more than one channel available to you, but if this is not the case, you may want to try and find another channel. This will give you a wider variety of channels, as well as a better chance at finding the channel that you want.

Finally, you will also need to take a few steps to learning how to activate Fox News on your smart device. When you go about this step by step, you will be able to access the channel on a regular basis.

Here Are The Steps On How-To

  1. Step one is installing the application on your device and then navigating to the channel that you would like to access. Once you’ve found the channel, you should then click on the “activate” button on the home page to get access to the channel.
  2. Step two is just as simple as the first step. However, now you should scroll down to the channel you want to watch and then click the “activate” button. When the channel loads, you will be automatically taken to the Fox news page on your mobile device.
  3. Step three involves trying to locate the button that says “start watching now” on your mobile device. Once you find this button, you will have access to the channel. You should then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap the play button to begin watching Fox News for free.
  4. Step four involves finding the channel again. If you have found this button, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap the play button again to continue watching the channel. Repeat these steps until you are satisfied that you have found the channel that you want to watch.
  5. Step five involves checking to see if you can find any other channels. If you do, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and again tap the play button to continue watching the channel.
  6. Step six involves getting more information about the channel. By scrolling down you will be able to read about the channel and their website.
  7. Step seven involves scrolling down to the bottom of the screen and again tapping the play button. to continue watching the channel and reading all of the information that you need about the channel.

If you are still confused, you can head over to foxnews.com/connect roku.

About Fox News

Fox News has long been one of the most popular cable news channels in America and in particular in the world. Fox News is a well established international satellite radio network. It is jointly owned by the privately held Fox Communications and the Fox Network Company. The network broadcasts from studios at 1411 Avenue of the Americas at New York City.

It was launched in 1996 by Rupert Murdoch. He wanted to provide an international news network based on the Fox network in America. He hoped to attract many viewers from around the world and increase the number of subscribers in his home country. He chose the name because he thought it sounded cool. He did not want to be known as the News Corp. or CNN of North America. He wanted to be known as Fox. In addition to broadcasting, the network offers other news related events including live coverage of international sporting events, world events, political debates, and other breaking news stories.

One of the greatest things about the Fox News is that they are willing to debate with people who have an opposing view of the news. This is often an important part of the news and the debate between two parties can help to promote a story to its full potential. Many people see this type of media as controversial and contrary to what the news industry has become over the past few years. It also allows for the media outlets to get their message across.

Latest Fortnite Update: Everything that You Need to Know

Fortnite Season 10 has come to an end and a new update is sweeping the internet by storm. This is for the reason that the latest version of the game not merely fixes some issues but introduces exciting features. If you’re an avid fan of the game, stay tuned to know what to expect when you are to download Fortnite update.

Globe Page also published tips and tricks, and tutorial articles. You can read from our site: How to Install Covenant on Kodi, How to Run Android Apps on PC Using Bluestacks

The recent update is not called Season 11 but rather Chapter 2 (which of course starts with Season 1.) The developers announced that there will be new and refreshing features for the players. So, if you want to know about this, scroll down for more information.

Best Features in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

The latest version of Fortnite is an improvement of all the previous seasons. So, to make things easier for you, we will list out some of the new features that come along with it.

New map
Fortnite Chapter 2 is anticipating to revamp its old map after the black hole. And as expected, there is a brand-new island where players are set to battle. It contains 13 areas which are mostly rivers, lakes, and beaches. With this, you can do some activities that will help you in your quest.

Upgrade weapons at workbenches
Now, you can upgrade your weapons using the materials on the workbenches. The thing is it’s somehow difficult to know the exact place where this is located. Nonetheless, it will help you out in upgrading to the next level.

New ways to regain HP
There are different ways to regain your HP in the new map. That includes eating fish while you are swimming. So, if you are low in HP, you can take a dip at the nearest body of water and catch some fish.

Fish out players
Well, your fishing rod is not only there to help you out catch fishes. It can also pull out teammates towards you. Who knows? Maybe it could save them from being shot by other players. The bad news is that it doesn’t function when used on downed members.

Swim like a dolphin
As more bodies of water are introduced in the new island, you can swim to your heart’s content. By tapping on your character, you can turn yourself into an elegant swimmer. This is a good technique to escape from gunfire or firestorm.

Queue into another game
You can queue into another game even without returning to the lobby. Thus, you can easily enter into any gameplay after exiting one. That means you’ll be able to play non-stop with your Fortnite.

Powerlines can turn into ziplines
If your drop off point is Retail Row, Dirty Docks, or Steamy Stacks, and you’ll be needing to move between the three locations, you can utilize the powerlines. These lines can turn into a zip line upon clicking the button displayed on your screen.

Fewer guns
There will also be fewer guns with this new chapter. But you can still find the essentials such as Pickaxe and Assault Rifle. The developers just limited the option of users when it comes to the weapon as in the past season, some are just thrown and not picked up by the gamers.

Help friends or team members
Probably, this is one of the coolest additions to the new Fortnite. You can now shoot health to your downed friends using the Bandage Bazooka. Thus, you will help them stay in the game for long. So, make sure to have one while you are playing with a team.


So, did you find these new features exciting? Check it out for yourself by downloading the new updates of Fortnite. For questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to leave a comment at the box below. We’ll be glad to answer your queries as soon as possible.

How to Fix Jiofi Device

There are lots of reasons when your Jiofi device does not open and in this blog, we will make sure to help you determine the reason for the error and how it can be resolved. 3G smartphone owners can delight in 4G speed on their mobiles and laptop computers with the help of Dependence JioFi routers. If you’re facing issues in JioFi Device router then you can follow this JioFi troubleshooting provided in this tutorial.

Different error with Jiofi Device:

  • It hangs
  • JioFi not switching ON
  • JioFi blue light and indication light does not blink
  • It’s not providing great speed
  • It does not get in touch with your devices and the like.

Lets first comprehend them consisting of JioFi blue light methods.

  1. JioFi red signal shows a bad signal or no SIM.
  2. If the red signal blinks quickly then it suggests there is no SIM inside the gadget
  3. If there’s then it is not placed correctly.

How to know the light symbols:

  • If the red signal blinks gradually then it reveals JioFi is getting no signal or very bad signal strength.
  • JioFi blue light indicates the device is getting a medium signal which will wind up with low web speed.
  • Green sign shows excellent signal strength which implies JioFi will be able to supply your optimal web speed.

It’s an extremely old trick to resolve signal related issues of all devices, not limited to the JioFi connection issue. If your Reliance JioFi router shows red or blue light often then you can attempt this trick to get the highest possible signal strength.

Steps to Troubleshoot Jiofi Device

  1. First, attempt this Jiofi red signal option
  2. Remove the flip cover of your device
  3. Remove its battery and SIM and wait for three minutes.
  4. Switch on your gadget again.
  5. Inspect whether the problem is solved or not.
  6. If the JioFi connection issue still exists then try the next technique.
  7. If JioFi all lights blinking then this could solve the issue.

This JioFi troubleshooting is a really efficient method to resolve small issues, like connectivity issues, hanging issues, or speed issues, JioFi not working or turning ON, or the like.

You can reset the JioFi router to fix its problems. To hard reset JioFi:

  • Eliminate its flip cover however, don’t get rid of the battery.
  • You can discover a reset button, you would need a screwdriver or the like thing to press that reset button.
  • Just get a screwdriver and put it into the reset slot and press and hold the button up until your JioFi router reboots then release then button.

It should work appropriately now. I tried this JioFi troubleshooting and many of the times it works effortlessly. If your JioFi not working or switching on then it may suggest that it’s time to change JioFi battery. Most probably your JioFi battery has been exhausted entirely and needs replacement. Also, it might be possible your JioFi charging jack got damaged.

Remove its battery. Put the flip cover back now link your charging adapter to your JioFi dongle and turn it’ ON’.

JioFi can be turned on without battery. In fact, my JioFi router’s battery is damaged and I have actually been using it without battery considering that then. If it works or turns’ ON ‘then it suggests you need to alter your device’s battery. If it does not turn ON without battery then there is some other hardware concern that might be fixed by checking out the nearest consumer care center. To prevent electrical shock, ensure to put JioFi flip cover, prior to you link it to a charging adapter. This is the final option from my side. You can inform them of the issues you’re facing with your JioFi router and they’ll help you properly.

The above three repairs might assist you to repair Reliance JioFi issues if you are still unable to find a service then go to nearby Dependence JIO store. With Wi-Fi Calling, you can make or get a call if you have a Wi-Fi connection in a location with little or no cellular protection.

Find out how to make a voice call using Wi-Fi Calling. Turn on Wi-Fi hiring Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling. You may require to go into or verify your address for emergency situation services. * If Wi-Fi Calling is available, you’ll see Wi-Fi after your provider name in the status bar. *

When cellular service is offered, your iPhone utilizes it for emergency situation calls. If you switched on Wi-Fi Calling and cellular service isn’t available, emergency situation calls may utilize Wi-Fi calling. Your device’s area might be utilized to assist reaction efforts when you position an emergency situation call, regardless of whether you enable Place Solutions. Then follow these steps: On your iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling (Official site). Switch On Include Wi-Fi Calling.

For Other Devices. Return to the previous screen, then tap Get in touch with Other Devices. Switch On Enable Get In Touch With Other Gadgets if it’s not on. A list of your eligible gadgets appears under Permit Get in touch with. Next, make certain that your other gadgets will accept calls from your iPhone: On your iPad or iPod touch, go to Settings > FaceTime. Then switch on Calls from.

iPhone. On your Mac, open the FaceTime app and choose FaceTime > Preferences. Then switch on Calls from iPhone. Wi-Fi Calling is enabled immediately for Apple Watch when you switch on Permit Contact Other Gadgets. Make sure that you’re utilizing the very same Apple ID for FaceTime and iCloud.

on your iPhone and your other device. If your provider supports Wi-Fi Getting in touch with iCloud-connected devices, you can likewise make and get Wi-Fi contact other gadgets. Ensure that you’re signed in to iCloud and FaceTime with the exact same Apple ID that you utilize on your iPhone. To position, a Wi-Fi call from your iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or Mac, follow these steps.

If you haven’t included your device yet which allows it to use Wi-Fi Calling add it. Open FaceTime. Tap Audio. Get in contact or contact number and tap the phone button. You can likewise place a call by tapping a phone number in Contacts, Mail, Messages, Safari, and other apps.

In Conclusion

Jiofi devices are somehow vulnerable, it may at any time not work as it also depends on the signals it gets from your ISP. I hope that from this blog, you are able to know how you can easily fix it.

How to Install Covenant on Kodi

The Covenant Kodi add-on has now become a quite popular add-on for Kodi users, a replacement of Exodus add-on, to provide the best watching experience.

Covenant is a kind of add-on that replaced the Elysium. In this article, we will provide you with a guide on how to install Covenant on Kodi.

Have you tried Kodi before? One of the most streaming applications that can do more with the help of the add-ons. These add-ons extend the functionality of Kodi, allowing you to enjoy more of your streaming activities.

So, what is Covenant add-on? Basically, Covenant is the newest Exodus if you have heard of it before. Exodus job is to let the Kodi users stream additional movies and TV shows while Covenant’s job is to play them in high definition (HD) quality.

If you want to try Covenant, this tutorial will be your guide.

Install Covenant on Kodi

Step 1. Launch Kodi on your device.

Step 2. Do to Kodi’s settings and select Systems settings.

Step 3. Then click Add ons and enable the Unknown Sources.

Step 4. Then, go back to settings and choose File Manager.

Step 5. Click Add Source and enter the path or URL to download Covenant.

Step 6. Then, enter your desired name for this source and hit the OK button.

Once you go back to File Manager, you can see the source you just added.

Step 7. Go back to Kodi’s homepage and scroll down on the menu.

Step 8. Find Add-ons and select Package icon on the upper left.

Step 9. Select Install from Repository.

Step 10. Then, click Kodil Repository.

Step 11. Click Video Add-ons.

Step 12. Select Covenant and click the Install button.

Step 13. Wait for the notification that you have successfully installed the Add-on.

To open the Covenant: Go to Kodi’s homepage, select Add-ons, then click Covenant.

In Conclusion

Those are the steps on how to install Covenant on Kodi. Let me know in the comment box below your thoughts about this tutorial. You can also leave me some questions or anything you want to be clear regarding this post.

How to Run Android Apps on PC Using Bluestacks

Do you wanna play mobile games on a wider screen, or run Android apps on your PC? Are you looking for an easy way to do it? If yes, then you just found the answer here. 

Bluestacks is considered as the most popular and the best Android emulator today. It can run almost all Android applications on your PC without changing the quality of the apps. This emulator is perfect for gamers who wanted to play HD games on wider screens. If you belong to those people who are looking for ways to play Android games on their PC, click the video below and find out how you can enjoy playing using Bluestacks.

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Now that you know how to play games and run Android apps on your PC, it’s time to download Bluestacks on your device and try what this emulator is capable of doing.


Bluestacks comes over 400MB in size. Before downloading, check first your PC’s memory if there is still enough storage. Also, you need to check your device specifications to run Bluestacks without any lag.

If you have questions, you can leave them below in the comment section. Globe Page Team will try to help you with whatever we can. Hope this post helped you in any way.

Download YouTube Videos On iPhone The Easy Way

Most iPhone users that want to download YouTube videos are having issues. They just could not find a way to download their favorite clips from the most popular video sharing platform. But here is good news for you if you are an iOS user. You have found the right site to download YouTube videos on iPhone. And through this article, you will learn that it is actually easy to grab any video from YouTube site.

Download Youtube videos on iPhone

Globe Page Editor’s Note: First read the article, if you don’t like this method then you can try popular free video downloader app showbox on your iphone for downloading free video and movies. You can download showbox for ipad from here. Now if you don’t like showbox then you can try other apps like showbox as well.

Showbox isn’t legal, Howevr Kodi a similar app is legal. You can download kodi from here.

The Google Rules

The giant search engine site, Google owns YouTube. Therefore, they have the right to implement whatever they want with the social media site. And since Google is one of the most respected sites in the face of the internet, they have to set an example for everybody. That includes preventing piracy.

Did you know that downloading any content from any website without the owner’s permission is called piracy or stealing? Yes, when you grab a video from YouTube that is not yours or the owner has no permission for you to do so, you are committing the act of stealing.

That is the main reason why Google does not allow downloading any video from the YouTube app or main site. But since there are a lot of gifted people out there that has the knowledge to bypass Google’s and YouTube’s security wall, it is still possible to download YouTube videos on iPhone.

Download YouTube videos on iPhone

Now, if you really want to download video or videos from YouTube, this article could help you. But please be reminded that you should use the video content that you download just for personal use. Do not in any way distribute the video you grabbed from YouTube and make a profit out of it. Do not do it especially that the owner does not know or did not give you any permission.

Here’s how:

  1. First is you should download a third party document and file viewer or manager. In this case, we recommend the Documents by Readdle.
  2. After you have installed the app from the App Store, head straight to Safari browser.
  3. Go to Savefrom.net.Download YouTube videos on iPhone
  4. Open another within the browser and open the YouTube website.
  5. Choose the video you want to download by tapping on the thumbnail.
  6. Once the video starts playing, look at the address bar at the top of the Safari browser. From there you will find a link to the video you are currently playing.
  7. Copy the link by long-pressing on it and tap “Copy” when the clipboard pop-ups.
  8. Go straight to the first tab you opened with the Savefrom.net URL.
  9. Paste the link you copied from the YouTube website on the search bar of the site that says “paste here the URL” or something similar.
  10. Once you pasted the link, it will load for a couple of seconds depending on the speed of your internet.
  11. The choices for which format of video and size will show up. Choose your preferred size and format.
  12. Tap on it and the download will start. Make sure to download the video file on your camera roll and not in your video gallery.
  13. Once done with the download, open the Document app you recently installed and look for the video you downloaded.
  14. Open the file and play. Enjoy!

Some reminders…

Videos are much larger than your usual size of images. So please make watch out for the number of downloads especially with videos that you save. You might easily end up having a full memory in no time.

Another thing is that you should only use those videos for your personal use only. It is bad enough that we have taught you how to bypass Google’s restriction. So please use this method responsibly.

How To Find Your ASUS Router Login IP Address

If by any chance that you have changed your default ASUS router IP address, then do not be worried too much. There is a way to figure it again in case you really have no way of remembering it. Just follow the instructions below.

You may visit our site for more tech tutorials and hacks.

Find your ASUS router IP address on Windows OS

  1. On your Windows operating system, press the Windows button on your keyboard. It should be placed near the space bar area. Press Windows + R and the RUN prompt should open.
  2. Type CMD and press Enter. The Command prompt will appear.
  3. In the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter:

ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway”

  1. After you press the Enter key, it will show you the router’s gateway IP address. Typically it is or But since not all ASUS router has the same setup, it is advised that you do this step and follow it to find out your default gateway.

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Find your ASUS router IP address on Linux

  1. Open a terminal window similar to the Windows command prompt. Or you can just press CTRL + ALT + T and the terminal window should pop-up.
  2. Type this command and press Enter afterward:

IP route | grep default

  1. You may now see your ASUS router gateway IP address.

Find your ASUS router IP address on OSX

  1. If you are a Mac user then just follow this map: Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Or you can just press CMD + Space and then type Terminal.
  2. Type this command and press Enter Key afterward:

netstat -nr | grep default

  1. Your ASUS router IP address will now appear on your screen.

For more info and inquiries, you may just leave a comment below and tell us what you have in mind or what other topics you want us to discuss for the next article.

Tor and The Deep Web: Everything You Need To Know

When you want some privacy and some bit of protection with your activities your best go-to application is Tor. But Tor is not like most popular browsers. That is why not many people know about Tor and what it is really good for. There are still many things that we don’t know about Tor and the deep web. And for those who just venture into the dark side of the internet, it could be dangerous.

Tor and The Deep Web

If the thought of exploring the deep web ever come to your mind, do so with caution. In fact, you should first learn more about the deep web before heading straight to the grim part of the internet. And to give you a head start. Here are some facts that you should know about Tor and the deep web.

Tor and The Deep Web

Source: Internet

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